Mokokchung, 12 April (MTNews): In a sharp rebuttal to claims made by the Congress party, TN Mannen, Advisor for Law & Justice and Land Revenue, has denied allegations that 60 MLAs were subservient to the BJP within the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA). Calling the accusation “absolutely false” and “immature”, Mannen clarified that the consensus candidate from the PDA, Dr Chumben Murry is from the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), with the BJP being just one component of the alliance.

NDPP Yimchalu
TN Mannen’s campaign trail for PDA candidate Dr Chumben Murry at Yimchalu village, 12 April

Speaking during his campaign tour in the 23 Impur Assembly Constituency on 12 April, Mannen expressed regret over the Congress party’s assertions, stating, “The claim that NDPP is bowing down under BJP or washing its feet, these are all propaganda. The Congress should not have said that.”

Highlighting the potential for development in Yimchalu, one of the “youngest” villages in the 23 Impur AC, Mannen emphasized the significance of water and soil resources in the village, expressing hope for imminent progress.

The Advisor also shared CM Rio’s greetings to the constituents stating that he has not forgotten about the “Agri-Link” road.

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