Kohima, 9 August (MTNews): Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio inaugurated the CCTV installation at Police Stations under Kohima District at North Police Station on 9 August 2023. It aims to bring about a transparent touch to law enforcement while boosting public confidence.




During the inauguration, Chief Minister Rio applauded the police department, led by the Director General of Police (DGP), and extended gratitude to the Government of India and the Home Ministry for their substantial 3.83 Crore rupees funding for CCTV installation across all 83 police stations in Nagaland.


While the kickoff happened at the North Police Station, Chief Minister Rio shared that similar ceremonies in other districts would align with Independence Day celebrations on 15 August.


The Chief Minister hoped that the CCTV system can rebuild trust between the public and the police by minimizing the atrocities in police custody and ensuring accountability.


He referenced the Supreme Court’s directive for the CCTV integration, placing faith in the DGP and the team’s competence to utilize it well.


Additionally, the Chief Minister said that Nagaland has one of the lowest crime records, particularly against women, and viewed that it was because the society is a “strong community with integrity and honesty” and that “any crime is dealt with by our customary law which is very efficient.”


Further stressing on the “War on Drugs,” the Chief Minister said that Nagaland being near the Golden Triangle, drug traffickers are crossing the state and that the government is adamant to end the menace. He said that the state cabinet will meet and officially declare the War on Drugs in a few days. He further sought cooperation from all agencies to work together to eradicate drugs from our society.


The Deputy Chief Minister, Home & Border Affairs, Y Patton added that this milestone elevates security. He stressed the importance of respecting citizens’ rights, using technology to prevent misuse of power, and inspiring ethical conduct among police personnel to nurture public trust.


Director General of Police, Rupin Sharma, welcomed attendees and underscored the event’s historical significance at the North Police Station, an establishment dating back to 1939. He sought government support for police restructuring and acknowledged progress in the “War on Drugs.” He emphasized the police department’s dedication to public service and trust-building.


The CM and Deputy CM were accompanied by, C L john, Minister of Forest, Environment & Climate Change, Village Guards, and Advisor to CM, Chumben Murry.

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