Mokokchung, 4 December (MTNews): In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) expressed gratitude for the Prime Minister’s unwavering efforts to address the longstanding Indo-Naga Political issue. However, the letter highlighted pressing concerns related to economic progress and development in the state.

Indo-Naga Political Solution Impact on Economic Progress

The CNCCI thanked the PM for the efforts towards the Indo-Naga Political Solution but emphasized the deep impact the elusive resolution has had on Nagaland’s economic progress. The unresolved political issue not only created hardship for the business community but has further affected the entire outlook of the region in terms of economic development, it said. In this regard, the CNCCI appealed to the Prime Minister to resolve the Indo-Naga political issue without further delay stating that the business community and the youth of Nagaland yearn to progress with the rest of the country.

Call for Modern Warehousing and Amenity Facilities

The letter put forward a request for the establishment of modern warehousing, cold storages, and an amenity facility zone in the plains adjacent to Dimapur with the capacity to accommodate at least 1000 trailers/trucks, equipped with essential amenities such as hotels, medical facilities, fuel depots, and shopping complexes. The CNCCI stressed that such a facility, given Dimapur’s connectivity, would significantly boost economic development, generate employment, and enhance interstate business within and outside the North East and boost trade with South East Asian countries through the Act East Policy.

Urgent Need for Increased Power Generation

The CNCCI drew attention to Nagaland’s significant energy potential but noted that the state still faces a severe shortage of electricity. With a plea for the installation of at least a 1000 MW power generating capacity, utilizing abundant renewable energy, the business community highlighted that improved power supply is crucial for economic development, including support for existing businesses and MSMEs.

Foot Hill Road Project Seeking Four Lane Construction

The CNCCI brought to the Prime Minister’s attention the ambitious Foot Hill Road project, spanning 395 KMs across Nagaland’s plains. Initially funded under Special Plan Assistance (SPA) under the erstwhile Planning Commission, the project has faced challenges due to discontinued funding with the establishment of NITI Aayog. The CNCCI urged PM Modi to aid in transforming this road into a four-lane highway, emphasizing its potential to bring significant economic dividends to the state.

Completion of Asian Highway Stretch

The CNCCI urged the Prime Minister to address the remaining 27 KM stretch between Kohima to Mao Gate (Manipur) on the Asian Highway. According to CNCCI, this incomplete section poses a bottleneck for traffic and logistics, hindering the full realization of the ambitious project to connect South East Asian countries through North Eastern Indian States.
Extension of Vande Bharat Train to Dimapur

The letter concluded with a request for the extension of the Vande Bharat Train to Dimapur from Guwahati. Acknowledging the electrification of railway lines reaching Dimapur under PM Modi’s leadership, the CNCCI highlighted the benefits such a train extension would bring, including enhanced travel comfort, support for the tourism sector, ease of doing business, and economic growth.

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