Mokokchung, 5 November (MTNews): The Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) appreciated the Kohima Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) for its relentless efforts in securing the release of kidnapped businessman Anil Choudhary. CNCCI has also called for the exemplary punishment of those businessmen who were involved in taking the matter to the NPG resulting in the kidnapping of Mr Anil Choudhary, saying “these few corrupt and unethical businessmen bring disgrace to the business community and strengthen the hands of anti-social elements.”

Further, CNCCI also raised concerns about the increasing prevalence of kidnapping incidents, which have now spread beyond Dimapur, the commercial capital of Nagaland, to Kohima, the state’s political capital and across the state. This alarming trend, according to CNCCI, is a clear indication of law enforcement agencies’ negligence.

CNCCI has also cautioned the state government that incidents like the kidnapping of Choudhary on the eve of the Hornbill Festival send a negative message to the world and damage the state’s image, especially in today’s technology-driven era. CNCCI urged the government not to ignore the safety of the business community and the public.

While recognizing the efforts of the Kohima and Dimapur police in securing Choudhary’s release, the CNCCI has demanded that the police publicly disclose the name of the NPG and kidnappers involved in the incident. This transparency, according to CNCCI, will allow the Naga public to form their own judgment.

CNCCI has also questioned the need for the NPG to intervene in a personal financial matter between individuals. The organization condemned the kidnapping as a disgrace to the Naga National Movement, “which once stood with high moral authority and standard.” CNCCI has urged NPGs to control their cadres and prevent them from exploiting the Naga National Movement for personal gains.

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