The Central Nagaland Women’s Association (CNWA) and Watsü Mungdang held a consultative meeting today at the Watsü Mungdang office in Mokokchung. During the meeting, CNWA President K Atoli Sema emphasized the importance of unity among the three tribes’ women’s groups, encouraging mutual support to advance the interests of women, a press release from the Watsü Mungdang said.

CNWA Watsü
CNWA and Watsü Mungdang leaders

She also discussed CNWA’s involvement in women’s reservation issues, highlighting their participation in a Supreme Court hearing in Delhi in July 2023 regarding the redrafting of the municipal act.

The State has a total of 418 wards spread over 39 municipalities and town Councils, out of which 142 wards are reserved for women. Kohima, Dimapur and Mokokchung fall under Municipal councils, while the rest are Town councils.

Sema noted that Mokokchung district has 16 wards reserved for women and commended Watsü Mungdang for their initiatives promoting clean elections and organizing a common platform for contestants, which she believes will have a lasting impact.

Apart from the Mokokchung Municipal Council, the other ULBs in Mokokchung district are Changtongya Town Council, Mangkolemba Town Council, and Tuli Town Council.

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