Satakha, 9 February (MTNews): A consultative meeting convened under the initiative of Minister for Roads & Bridges, G. Kaito Aye, brought together various stakeholders from towns and villages within the Satakha Sub-Division. The meeting, held in Satakha town, included representatives from the education department, local GBs (Gaon Burahs), student bodies, and teachers.

Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to the minister, Hukato Murru, represented the minister at the meeting and expressed the minister’s grave concerns over the declining enrollment of students in several Government Primary Schools (GPSs), Government Middle Schools (GMSs), and High schools in the area. Murru appealed to the GBs to actively address and enhance student enrollments in their respective schools for the progressive development and future success of the schools in the Sub-division. He conveyed the minister’s regret for not being able to attend the meeting in person due to unavoidable government assignments.

SDEO Satakha, David Zhimo, emphasized that the primary agenda of the consultative meeting was to reflect on the decreasing student enrollment and devise strategies to boost enrollments in government schools within the area. He urged teachers to stay abreast of the latest teaching systems by actively participating in online teaching training programs.

Three resolutions were adopted during the meeting for implementation:

Teacher Dedication: All teachers were urged to refrain from engaging in external services unless they could fully dedicate their time to their primary duty of teaching responsibilities.

Accommodation Support: Villages and their councils were directed to provide necessary accommodation for teachers posted in their respective villages.

Enrollment Drive: A comprehensive enrollment drive was proposed to encourage parents and students to enroll in their respective village government schools. Local leaders and community organizations were encouraged to support the enrollment drive and report progress to the SDEO office.

The meeting, chaired by Co-ordinator EBRC, Atoli Zhimo, concluded with a thorough deliberation during an interaction session. The collaborative efforts of the stakeholders aimed to revitalize the education sector and ensure a brighter future for the students in the Satakha Sub-Division.

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