The Dimapur Ao Youth Organisation (DAYO) has extended its appreciation to the Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) for its proactive stance in addressing the issue of rampant illegal taxation which has led to excess price rise in the market.

DAYO on Tuesday said in a press statement that NCD, being the apex tribal organisation having all the tribal representatives from Dimapur, should combat extortion and multiple taxation by various unions and Naga Political Groups head on.

“Unless hard hitting measures are undertaken to create a fair and conducive business environment, Dimapur is losing out its competitive edge to neighbouring townships in Assam,” DAYO said, adding that it will firmly stand behind the recent bold stance taken by the Government of Nagaland to book extortionist under NSA (National Security Act).

DAYO also noted that the deployment of police forces to boost the confidence among the business community and the decision to operationalise CCTVs to aid monitoring and vigilance to investigating authorities are the right steps taken at the right time.

DAYO pledged its unwavering support to all like-minded organizations committed to eradicating the “parasitic menace of syndicate systems in businesses and tackling the proliferation of drug addiction and substance abuse.”
DAYO further urged all community leaders of not only Dimapur but acoss Nagaland to prioritize community policing initiatives to bolster the efforts of law enforcement agencies.

“By fostering stronger collaborations between communities and authorities, we can collectively work towards ensuring the well-being of our society and safeguard the traditional values and fabric of our diverse Naga society for the upcoming generation,” it said.

It stated that extortion and drugs are burning social menaces that need immediate collective intervention and should be the urgent goal of every sensible CSO and NGO.

Furthermore, DAYO reiterated its call to action for the Ao community to utilize the DAYO Helpline +91 89748 51911 to report any grievances or injustices that “threaten the fabric and very existence of the Ao community in and around Dimapur.”

“As responsible citizens, DAYO appeals to every individual to join hands in making Dimapur a safe and peaceful home for each other to live without fear. Let us unite in our efforts to foster a vibrant community built on hope, integrity, fairness, and collective prosperity,” it added.

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