Kohima, 9 April (MTNews): Deputy Commissioner of Kohima, Kumar Ramnikant IAS, has stated in a press release that, in preparation for the General Election to Lok Sabha 2024 from the 1-Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency, government departments under Kohima district have been served with a requisition order for government vehicles, pursuant to the power conferred under section 160 of the Representation of People Act 1951.

It further states that many departments have applied for exemption of vehicles from election duty. In this regard, the DC has informed that exemption cases have not been considered due to the high demand from other districts for vehicles. However, vehicles attached to the Additional Head of Department (AHOD), Head of Department (HOD), and those in off-road conditions are being considered.

Therefore, AHODs & HODs have been requested to submit all requisitioned vehicles at the IG Stadium by 10 April 10 2024, along with the drivers, to facilitate the smooth conduct of the election process.

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