Mokokchung, 28 August (MTNews): The Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Poji, has constituted the Committee on the “Scheme for Grant of Award to the Good Samaritan” in accordance with the Government notification dated Kohima, the 11th of August 2023. The committee members include the Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung as the Chairman, the Superintendent of Police of Mokokchung and the Chief Medical Officer of Mokokchung as members, and the Regional Transport Officer of Mokokchung as the member secretary.


Explaining the terms of reference, it was stated that upon receiving communication from police stations/hospitals, the committee will review and approve the proposal/list of Good Samaritans on a monthly basis. The eligible/selected list will then be forwarded to the Transport Commissioner, Motor Vehicles Department, Kohima, for the necessary online payment of a cash award of Rs 5000/- (Five thousand only) per Good Samaritan.


The “Scheme for Good Samaritan” was launched by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways which states that it will grant an award to the Good Samaritan who has saved the life of a victim of a fatal accident (involving a motor vehicle) by administering immediate assistance and rushing to Hospital/Trauma Care Centre within the ‘golden hour’ of the accident to provide medical treatment.


According to the ministry, the amount of award for each Good Samaritan would be Rs 5,000 per incident. The scheme will remain operational till the completion of the 15th Financial Cycle, i.e. till 31st March 2026.

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