Zunheboto, 14 November (MTNews): The Ahuna festival celebration in Zunheboto District was graced by Deputy Chief Minister TR Zeliang, who attended as the special guest on November 14, 2023. Amidst the festivities, Minister Zeliang addressed a crucial issue affecting the successful implementation of projects in his capacity as the Minister in-charge of the National Highways department.

TR Zeliang
Expressing his primary focus on resolving the persistent land compensation issue, Zeliang highlighted its significance as a major stumbling block in project execution. Collaborating with officials from the Department of Works & Housing, he reiterated his commitment to actively pursue a resolution to this challenge.

Referencing a recent review meeting with Union Minister for Road Transports and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, held in Guwahati on October 30th, Zeliang shared insights from their discussions. The Union Minister affirmed the readiness of the Union Government to initiate the construction of National Highways, contingent upon the availability of land.

Acknowledging the financial constraints faced by the State Government in independently constructing quality roads, Minister Zeliang stressed the need for collaborative efforts. He urged Tribal Hohos to join forces with Village Councils in crafting a strong and binding resolution on the matter.

While advocating the protection of Article 371(A) of the Constitution, Zeliang underscored the delicate balance required. He emphasized that while safeguarding the rights granted by the Constitution is crucial, these rights should not impede developmental activities.

The Deputy Chief Minister, in his speech, also mentioned that not only is the Ahuna Festival being celebrated, but also the Golden Jubilee of Zunheboto District. He emphasized that the festivals of the Nagas possess unique features and the ability to unite every section of the community without distinction.

He noted that each tribe has its own festival observed at different months of the year, each with its own story and significance. Additionally, he stressed that the rich traditions and practices should be preserved and continued to be celebrated, passing them down to the younger generations. Zeliang mentioned that Zunheboto, known as the Land of Warriors, has been the cradle of many great personalities in various fields who have significantly contributed to the growth of the state. He added that Zunheboto district, being strategically located and bordering seven districts of the state, could be the center of growth and cater to the needs of the neighboring districts.

Zeliang urged the people to reflect on the 50 years of Zunheboto District’s existence and strive for improvement in the years ahead. He expressed confidence that, with collective and sincere efforts, Nagaland can be at par with the rest of the states.

The guest of honor, Advisor AH&VS, Kazheto Kinimi, called on the youth to give importance to tribal festivals and preserve the rich culture and traditions. Citing the example of the Hornbill Festival, where people from around the world come to see the rich cultural traditions of the Nagas, he encouraged the people to preserve the culture and traditions intact. Kinimi called on the people to unite and work together for the uplift of society.

Greetings speeches were delivered by Tsapikiu Sangtam, President, Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO); Kekhwengulo Lea, President, Tenyimia Union Nagaland, and Khondad Ngully, President, Central Nagaland Tribes Councils (CNTC).

The welcome speech was delivered by Kasheto Yeptho, President SKH; Lot Casting (Asakiqhi) by Hovishe Arkha, former President Sumi Hoho; introduction, and representation by Nikheto Zhimo, President Sumi Hoho. The program was chaired by Vihoshe Murru, Chairman SLB, and the vote of thanks was delivered by Hokishe Kiba, VP Sumi Hoho.

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