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Dimapur, 7 December (MTNews): Dimapur-based Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have appealed to the Central government to expedite the ongoing Naga political talks. In a joint representation to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the CSOs urged him to take necessary and immediate action regarding the prolonged Naga political talks.

The CSOs, operating under the aegis of Naga Council Dimapur along with Chakroma Public Organisation and Western Sumi Hoho, highlighted their tireless efforts on the issue. However, they expressed concern about the indefinite delay in signing the final agreement and the lack of progress, which has shattered the hopes and aspirations of the Nagas.

Attributing the primary cause of all issues to the delay in concluding the Naga political settlement, the CSOs emphasized that the prolonged delay would only worsen the situation in various aspects. Furthermore, they expressed apprehension that the prolonged 26 years of Naga political talks is giving rise to multiple factions, causing grave concern among the citizens.

The CSOs expressed their hope that the Central government does not desire the proliferation of Naga Political Groups (NPGs) during the ongoing talks. They appealed to the Union Home Minister to cease acknowledging the emergence of political factions and to work towards concluding the impending Naga political talks at the earliest.

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