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Dimapur, 8 January (MTNews): The Dimapur District Basketball Association (DDBA) unveiled its squads set to represent the district in the much-anticipated Nagaland Olympic & Paralympic Games (NOPG) scheduled to take place from 12th to 17th February 2024. The announcement, made by Convener Tiameren Amri on behalf of the Selection Committee, introduces a formidable lineup encompassing both the Men’s and Women’s teams, signaling the prowess and dedication of Dimapur’s basketball talent.

“With the selection of these two squads, the Dimapur District Basketball Association is poised to exhibit exemplary sportsmanship and unwavering dedication during the upcoming games,” DDBA said in a statement. The DDBA also extended gratitude to all selectors, coaches, managers, and individuals involved in the meticulous selection process, ensuring the representation of Dimapur district’s finest basketball talent on this prestigious platform.

“The fervor and enthusiasm surrounding the imminent Naga Olympic & Paralympic Games are palpable, and the DDBA pledges to leave an indelible mark through their spirited performances and sportsmanship,” it said. The association also called for the “unwavering support and encouragement of the community as these exceptional athletes gear up to showcase their prowess.”

Men’s Team:
1. Chumbenthung Humtsoe
2. Rilise Thonger (Captain)
3. Rajan Nayak
4. Rongsennungba Longkumer
5. Imsuren Longchar (Vice-Vaptain)
6. Marshal Pashel
7. Bendang Jamir
8. Tovika Awomi
9. Tsentsuthung Lotha
10. Kamlenmang Andrew
11. Abhishek Singh
12. Rahul Leonard
Manager: Imchenchang Imchen
Coach: Moawabang

Women’s Team:
1. Kenyuni Keppen (Captain)
2. Lituna Sukhai
3. Kevingunuo Terhuja
4. Sosentetla Aier
5. Kivitoli Ayemi (Vice-Captain)
6. Lunshila Quinker
7. T. Tongpangrepla Longchari
8. Achumbeni Ngullie
9. Maria Goretti Beck
10. Imchakumla Longkumer
11. Moidan K Phom
12. Pelekhonuo Kuotso
Manager: Hinoto Chophy
Coach: Alanthung Ngullie

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