Dimapur, 21 April (MTNews): The Joint Council Forum (JCF) of NST Colony, Churches colony and Middle Point Dimapur has expressed strong disapproval and condemnation towards the proliferation of random unions and associations within its jurisdictions. The JCF on receiving several complaints from many landlords and business establishments held a joint meeting on 17 April and resolved this, a press release from the JCF said.

The JCF alleged that these organizations, cloaked in fancy names, have been unlawfully soliciting donations, monthly collections and membership fees from the business community without any legitimate authority.

The JCF stated that multiple taxations does not mean only taxation by Naga Political Groups but also countless numbers of donations/collections etc by myriad of organizations under the pretext of this and that.

Noting that this has become unbearable for the business community as well as the common public, the JCF called upon the district authorities to consult respective colony councils and exercise vigilance and refrain from endorsing these unions and associations.

The JCF said it was unacceptable that multiple fraudulent entities operate freely in almost all the vicinity of Dimapur district, perpetuating confusion and distress among the business community and citizens alike. The JCF also appraised the various responsible CSOs not to appeal or pressure the authorities for recognizing such unions and associations.

The JCF warning all these entities to immediately cease their activities within their jurisdiction. “Should they fail to adhere to our demands, the Joint Council will not hesitate to take swift and firm actions, including resorting to legal measures to shut down these deceitful operations,” the JCF said.

“The detrimental impact of these groups is evident in the unjust burden placed upon our business owners and residents, leading to inflated commodity prices and contributing to the prevailing chaos in Dimapur district,” it said. It further said, “Their unchecked proliferation only adds to the woes of our community, fostering illegal taxation and disrupting the peace and order of our area.”

The JCF also urged all businesses and residents to exercise caution and vigilance in dealing with these organizations, and to promptly report any suspicious activity to them. “Together, let us unit in our efforts to eradicate this unlawful behavior and safeguard the well-being of our community, ensuring a harmonious and secure environment for all,” it said.

The JCF further informed that No Objection Certificate previously issued by some council/council members for registration of such unions/associations hereby stands cancelled.

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