Dimapur, 10 May (MTNews): Dimapur police have issued a cautionary advisory to the public regarding the prevalence of inter-state money-snatching gangs operating in and around Dimapur and neighboring states. In a press note, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) and Public Relations Officer stated that numerous complaints have been reported across police stations in Dimapur, detailing incidents where money has been snatched by miscreants.

According to the police, the modus operandi of these gangs involves one or two members entering banks posing as customers, scanning for potential victims who are alone, elderly, or otherwise vulnerable. Meanwhile, gang members stationed outside the bank distract the targeted victim by spraying coloring or itchy chemicals or intentionally dropping cash notes and wallets. Subsequently, the gang members quietly snatch the cash or personal belongings and disappear from the scene.

The police further informed that investigations have indicated that these are inter-state gangs, mostly based in neighboring districts of Assam.

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