Dimapur, 24 April (MTNews): In a significant breakthrough, the Dimapur Commissionerate Police have successfully dismantled an MRP fraud and extortion network that has been targeting traders in Dimapur.

Three individuals involved in the fraudulent scheme were apprehended on 23 April. They have been identified as 35-year old Khekato Zhimomi, SS Tatar NSCN-IM; 29-year old Khukivi Aye, SS Leacy NSCN-IM; and Rabi Dey, a pan shop vendor from Sematilla.

According to a press release issued by the Dimapur Police Commissionerate, the modus operandi of the perpetrators involved planting MRP tagging devices and MRP tags in selected stores in connivance with Rabi Dey.

Subsequently, members of NSCN-IM would conduct raids on these stores, accusing the owners of replacing the original MRPs with inflated ones using the price tagging devices.

Several store owners were abducted and taken to NSCN-IM camps, where they were harassed, tortured, and coerced into admitting to price tampering using the tagging devices. These confessions were filmed and shared with news channels, and the owners were threatened with releasing the videos unless their demands were met.

Investigations revealed that Rabi Dey was on the payroll of Khekato Zhimomi , SS Tatar NSCN -IM. Dey had procured five price tagging devices and MRP tags online through Flipkart. One such device was seized from his shop, while three others have already been used. An additional device is expected to be delivered on 27 April.

The fraudulent scheme enabled the perpetrators to extort a significant amount of money from numerous business owners in Dimapur. Consequently, a suo moto case has been registered under relevant laws at both East Police Station and West Police Station, and a thorough investigation is currently underway.

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