Dimapur, 16 December (MTNews): Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, Kevithuto Sophie, IPS, inaugurated the Auto Rickshaw Display Card System on December 16, 2023, at the Commissioner of Police Office premises in Dimapur. Addressing the gathering, Commissioner Sophie highlighted the increasing traffic congestion due to a surge in auto-rickshaws and emphasized the need to streamline their operations. The newly introduced display card system, conceptualized by Dimapur Traffic Police, involves thorough verification of documents and permits for all auto-rickshaw drivers/owners.

Dimapur traffic police introduces Auto Rickshaw Display Card System to tackle congestion and enhance safety

Under this system, a photo identity card, containing essential details of the auto-rickshaw and contact numbers for Traffic Controls/Police Control Room, will be issued. These cards are to be prominently displayed on the windshield and rear of the auto-rickshaw for the convenience of passengers.

Commissioner Sophie stated that the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Dimapur has approved this initiative, with numerous auto-rickshaws from Dimapur and Chumoukedima already issued photo identity displays.

The Commissioner emphasized the benefits of the system, including effective management and regulation of auto-rickshaws, enhanced passenger safety—particularly for women and the elderly—and the detection of crimes, including stolen auto-rickshaws. The system will also monitor compliance with proper licenses, uniforms, and permits, preventing unauthorized hire by private auto-rickshaws.

Sophie clarified that the display card would be valid for two years, after which renewal is required. All records will be digitally maintained and regularly updated at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Dimapur.

During the launch, Commissioner Sophie shared additional initiatives undertaken by Dimapur Traffic Police in 2023, such as the installation of solar traffic blinkers, road safety awareness programs in schools and colleges, installation of traffic islands, and traffic assistance booths at various locations.

The program was chaired by I Meren Chenth, NPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Dimapur.

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