Longleng, 13 November (MTNews): In harmony with the nationwide observance, the District Health Society Longleng marked World Pneumonia Day under the theme “Every Breath Counts: Stop Pneumonia in its Tracks” on 13th November 2023. The district launch of SAANs (Social Awareness and Action to Neutralize Pneumonia Successfully) took place on the same occasion at the CMO Conference Hall in Longleng, with Dr. Samuel Akho Konyak P. NCS, EAC Longleng.

Dr. Samuel Akho Konyak P

Dr S Imnameren Phom, DPO (RCH/UIP) Longleng, delivered a concise presentation on World Pneumonia Day and the launch of SAANs. He emphasized that World Pneumonia Day, a global event observed on the 12th of November each year, aims to raise awareness and educate people on combating pneumonia and the significance of clean air globally. Dr. Phom stressed the need for global action to combat pneumonia and other respiratory infections, highlighting the day’s focus on reducing childhood pneumonia mortality in India to less than three per thousand live births by 2025.

Special guest Dr Samuel Akho Konyak P. NCS, EAC HQ Longleng, underscored the importance of World Pneumonia Day and the district launching of SAANs in his address. He urged all participants to actively support creating awareness about pneumonia within the community, leveraging the influential role of churches.

Dr Konyak emphasized the active role churches play in spreading awareness and controlling indoor air pollution, a significant contributor to pneumonia. He encouraged all to recommit themselves and contribute efforts for better results.

The program, chaired by Henmei, DCM, commenced with an invocation prayer led by Tanlei, Pastor Muli Baptist Church. Viroli Sangtam DPM, NHM, delivered the welcome and keynote address, followed by discussions and closing remarks by Lipom. The event saw the participation of pastors from churches in Longleng District, ASHAs, CMO staff, NHM staff, and IDSP staff.

Simultaneously, the launching program was observed across all PHCs, CHCs, HWCs, and SCs under Longleng District.

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