Mokokchung, 28 October (MTNews): Two prominent members of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM), Sanjeev Sanyal and Devi Prasad Mishra, embarked on a five-day visit to Nagaland on Friday, 28 October. The delegation’s mission is to engage with key stakeholders and devise comprehensive strategies aimed at advancing the economic development of the state.

EAC PM delegation visits Nagaland to boost economic growth

According to an official release from the Nagaland Planning & Transformation Department, the primary focus of this visit is to strengthen economic growth and development in the region.

In pursuit of these goals, Sanyal and Mishra began their journey by visiting Phek District Headquarters. They held discussions with local entrepreneurs in Phek Town at the District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) conference hall, where Sanyal encouraged young individuals to consider taking up eco-tourism projects to adapt to the evolving socio-economic landscape.

During these interactions, Sanyal acknowledged the challenges faced by young and qualified entrepreneurs in the region, particularly in the areas of transportation, cold storage, and power supply.

He assured the stakeholders that he would collaborate with the state government and the relevant ministries at the center to address these issues effectively.

A press statement issued by Hupasayi Tetseo, the State Protocol Officer from the Department of Home, revealed that the two dignitaries, along with Dr Er Vekho Swuro, made a visit to Subhas Hut at Military Camp Chekhabama. There, they engaged in discussions with military officers over a cup of tea.

Before reaching the Phek District Headquarters, the delegation paid a visit to Lozaphuhu Village, where the Lozaphuhu Village Council hosted a luncheon. During the visit, a short reception ceremony was organized, and a memorandum was submitted to Sanjeev Sanyal, urging him to pursue these matters with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Sanyal expressed his commitment to thoroughly examine the concerns and work to address them to the best of his abilities.

The delegation’s next stop was Ruzhazo Village, known as the “first administered Village of the Indian National Army (INA).” A grand reception was organized by the Ruzhazo Village Council, featuring cultural performances, followed by a dinner. The delegation also stayed at the residence of Dr Er Vekho Swuro.

Tomorrow’s schedule includes a trek to the INA enroute, attendance at a Sunday Worship service, a visit to the Subhas Memorial construction site, and a luncheon. The delegation will then proceed to Vivor Hotel in Kohima as they continue their mission to boost economic growth and development in Nagaland.

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