Office of the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Union Mokokchung, with a humble heart and a fervent request to all the Citizens of Eastern Nagaland People in Mokokchung and citizen of the land. Our land, our home, is facing challenges that require our collective support, strength and prayers. As we navigate through these uncertain times, let us unite in spirit and purpose.
ENPUM urge you to join us in special prayers on 14th April 2024 (Sunday) at your churches or home and support for the Eastern Nagaland Peoples Organisation(ENPO) Frontier Nagaland Demand leads by ENPO President Shri. Tsapikiu Sangtam and talks team convenor Shri.K Asungba Sangtam and all the respective tribal leaders. Their tireless efforts and dedication to our cause deserve our unwavering backing.
Let us pray for wisdom and guidance to prevail in the negotiations, for understanding and empathy to bridge any divides, and for peace to reign over our beloved land.
May our prayer voices be heard, our concerns addressed, and our aspirations fulfilled. Together, let us stand in solidarity, believing in the power of unity and the strength of our shared purpose.
In this time of need, let our hearts be filled with hope, our minds with determinations, and our actions with compassion. May the light of progress shine upon us, guiding us towards a brighter future for Eastern Nagaland.
President ENPUM
 General Secretary ENPUM

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