Dimapur police conducts awareness campaign on Cyber Crime at LFI

Dimapur, 18 November (MTNews): Personnel from Dimapur Police conducted an Awareness Campaign on Cyber Crime at Livingstone Foundation International in association with Livingstone Foundation Society on the 18th of November 2023.

Speaking at the introduction of the campaign, Vikheka Assumi, the Officer in-Charge of Sub Urban Police Station, highlighted the aim of the awareness program. Initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the program’s purpose is to educate all citizens, especially students, about cybercrime, the pros and cons of the internet, and its inevitability.

Cyber Crime Awareness Campaign by Dimapur Police
He emphasized how even educated individuals can fall prey to cyber-bullying. Assumi stated that education alone does not necessarily shield someone from the emotional and psychological impacts of cyber-bullying. He underscored the importance of incorporating human rights into the law and order framework to create a legal system that not only maintains order but also upholds the dignity and rights of individuals.

UBSI Asano Newmai from the Commissioner of Police’s Office, Dimapur, took over the program and discussed the issue of influencers’ popularity on social media. He highlighted how it can contribute to negative impacts by promoting unrealistic standards and fostering a culture of comparison, leading to issues like low self-esteem, increased materialism, and the spread of misleading information.

He also pointed out that excessive use of cell phones and social networking sites may cause negative effects such as social isolation, privacy concerns, addiction, material comparison, and mental health issues. He concluded his discourse by addressing the issue of cyber-bullying and emphasized that addressing it requires a multi-faceted approach involving education, awareness, effective provisions in law, and cooperation between online platforms, authorities, and communities.

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