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As the year comes to a close, the talk of general election grows louder with intending candidates expressing their interests and party workers mobilizing grassroots voters through various party activities. However, there are those who believe in “no solution, no election,” while others believe that an election will be held regardless. The normal tenure of the current Nagaland Legislative Assembly is scheduled to end in March 2023.



NPF Mokokchung Division


“The national party has claimed ‘’Election for Solution’ and we have been told for a very long time that we will get the solution in like three or six months, but it hasn’t happened yet,” said Moasangba, president of the NPF Mokokchung Division.


“They have also stated that Nagas must unite; however, Nagas have always been united. It is now coming to an end, people have now come to a realization and the election is the last stage, so I personally believe that the election will not be held; but it is up to what decision the Government of India makes, so we are waiting,” Moasangba added.


On the party’s electoral preparations, he adds that the NPF will have a great advantage if the BJP and NDPP do not share the seat 40:20.


“The NPF party was formed by our forefathers with prayers, with the belief that the Nagas will not live under India and that Nagas must get freedom and therefore, a regional party was needed. As a result, this party was formed through prayers, and we have always been heading in that direction,” he explained.


“The NPF has not disappeared till now – and now that things are coming to an end – people are realizing the importance of a regional party. As a result, if the NDPP-BJP seat sharing is 60:60, we benefit, but if the sharing is 40:20, we benefit significantly. And I believe that God loves this party,” he added.


Speaking about the changes the party might bring, he stated that the NPF will bring peace, progress, and tranquility, and then, with unity across villages and towns, they will bring the development that the people desire.



NDPP Mokokchung Division


Meanwhile, N Bendang Jamir, President of NDPP Mokokchung Division, believes that the election will take place.


“We are handling all of the election preparations and activities. We have been mobilizing people at the grassroots level and soliciting people’s opinions in accordance with the party’s directive,” he said, speaking about the NDPP’s preparations for the ensuing elections.


He also stated that they had been informing people about CMHIS and Microfinancing at the grassroots level, which can be viewed as another party activity.


In terms of the changes they intend to bring, he stated that the Manifesto has yet to be published.


“It is being drafted right now, but we will work for the welfare of the people. I can say that much of the work done by the party and the government has been good,” he said.



Mokokchung District Congress


Watimongba, the president of Mokokchung District Congress Committee believes the election will be held.

“We have ten constituencies, and at least six candidates from Congress will participate in Mokokchung,” he said, adding that the response has been very positive thus far.


When asked how he feels about bringing change by the Congress party, he stated that none of the 60 elected candidates truly love Nagaland.

“There are far too many dishonest people and people who do not love Naga people. I believe Congress can change that,” he stated.

According to him, the word “solution” is used primarily for public sympathy.



NPP Mokokchung


Tsuknung Jamir, National People’s Party (NPP) president of Mokokchung District, stated that because elections are held every five years, an election will undoubtedly be held in 2023.
He believes that the NPP in Nagaland as a political party is stronger now and that there is a lot of attention from the high level.


“We have a sufficient number of candidates vying for NPP tickets,” he disclosed.

He then went on to say, “Since NDPP-BJP will share the seats, it is our belief that there will be many candidates who will not get their party tickets. As a result, we anticipate that those candidates will join NPP.” This election will be “gold for the NPP,” according to Tsuknung Jamir.


He also mentioned that at least 38 candidates are expected to join the NPP if the seat sharing is done between NDPP-BJP.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the party is new in Mokokchung, he added that they are working hard and preparing well.

“The party’s manifesto will be released soon,” he informed.



BJP Mokokchung


Meanwhile, BJP Mokokchung President Imolemba stated that Nagas require a solution and that if it were to be found, the election can be postponed. He also stated that all the political parties are working and preparing for the election, even as they hope that a solution will be found as soon as possible.

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