Kohima, 20 November (MTNews): The Election Commission of India (ECI) has issued an appeal to all eligible citizens, urging them to enroll and correct their details in the electoral rolls during the ongoing Special Summary Revision (SSR). Citizens can use SSR 2024 to enroll or correct their Voter ID details, including updates to addresses in the Voters List.

This revision of the electoral rolls, SSR 2024, is crucial in light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Its primary objective is to create error-free electoral rolls with a special emphasis on including the youth. Young individuals who will turn 18 by 1st January 2024 can apply to enroll in the electoral rolls. This presents a valuable opportunity for young voters reaching the age of 18 to enroll before the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

The commission will handle the disposal of claims and objections by the 26th of the next month, with the final publication of electoral rolls scheduled for the 5th of January next year. In Nagaland, the publication of electoral rolls will take place on the 10th of January next year.

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