Election or no election, Naga political resolution remains NPF top priority: Azo Nienu

Phek, January 17 (MTNews): Leader of NPF Legislature Party, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu today asserted that the resolution of the Naga political issue remains the top priority of NPF, with election or no election, and that the party stand committed for the ‘solution first’ and can make way for any new dispensation if required from the party.


Leader of NPF Legislature Party, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu


Addressing the Phek Area Sports Association 33rd meet as special guest, the NPF leader said, “Had the Central Government been sincere enough in bringing the Naga issue to a logical conclusion before announcement of election, the NPF party including the Nagas will be happy but before any settlement has been achieved at and the election is announced, the party is well prepared with many exuberant candidates to contest the 2023 election.”


He reminded the Naga people that the NPF had joined the UDA Government as alliance partner only on the condition that collectively the whole party gives effort for an early settlement of the Naga political issue and not for any portfolio or power.


The NPF leader also said that if the Election Commission of India announced election on contrary to the wishes of the Nagas for solution, the NPF is ready to fight for the battle and asserted that the Nagas will stand with the NPF party and after the formation of the new Government, the party with more vigor will pursue inking the final solution to the long pending Naga political problem.


He also said that the NPF was optimistic that a final settlement will be reached before the election and that the party has been keeping silent for long.


“God has blessed the party so much that many intending candidates including young dynamic leaders, intellectuals, women leaders and well placed senior leaders are approaching for the party tickets but the party is hesitant with the expectation of solution; however, if at all NPF is to fight the election, it will issue the tickets only to the winnable candidature,” he added.


The NPF leader also stated that many Nagas have forgotten their roots and that a day might come “when we completely abolish our identity and culture as Nagas for the sake of power and thirst of money” but reiterated that as long as the oldest regional political party NPF exist, it will protect and preserve the true identity of the Naga people with the party being the “guardian of the Naga people.”


Azo said that, therefore, every Naga should come out from their comfort zone and give effort for the progress of the regional NPF party so that it can safeguard the identity and the aspiration of the Naga people.

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