Lumami, 20 March (MTNews): In a proactive move towards enhancing career prospects for its students, Nagaland University, Lumami, in collaboration with Emporium, Dimapur, organized an Employment-Linked Career Guidance Program. The event was held at the Conference Hall of the Department of Geography on 18 March 2024, aimed to shed light on employment opportunities in the aviation, hospitality, and cruiseline sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Employment-Linked Career Guidance Program
Dr Deepak Kumar Bhaskar, Assistant Placement Officer, Lumami, chaired the event, emphasizing the significance of such initiatives in fostering students’ employability skills. Prof. Athungo Ovung, Placement Officer, extended a warm welcome to the resource persons and attendees, underlining the pressing issues of unemployment and the necessity for comprehensive career guidance.

Anirban Mukherjee, Operations Manager, Emporium Training & Consultancy Pvt Ltd, elucidated the diverse job prospects within the aviation, hospitality, and cruiseline industries. Mukherjee actively engaged participants, offering insights into skill acquisition and positioning Emporium as a conduit to connect individuals with these lucrative sectors. He reassured students of Emporium’s support in their journey towards industry integration.

The program garnered significant attendance from postgraduate students, faculty members, and scholars across various departments. Dr Neizhano Golmei, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, concluded the event with a vote of thanks, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of the resource persons and attendees alike. Golmei underscored the program’s role in providing a vital platform for attendees to explore promising career avenues.

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