Every aspiring musician must continue to surpass the odds: Chubatsür Jamir

Reading about the sources of inspiration that musicians embraced to produce their songs never ceases to impress. Many a time, music has facilitated strong emotional connections between individuals.


Today, Mokokchung Times profiles Chubatsür Jamir, a talented singer, songwriter, and composer from Longjang Village. Her primary genres are gospel and folk fusion.


Chubatsür Jamir


In 2010, she was crowned Mokokchung District Hero during Naga Idol 5. She performs at various events, including gospel gatherings. She also covers vocal training and music lessons.


Chubatsür is also a member of Cantamus Choir, Nagaland. Further, she was also a part of Ao Musical Revival (AMR) Album volumes I and II. Chubatsür currently resides in Dimapur.


Reminiscing on her first musical experiences, Chubatsür commented, “I recall myself singing from a very young age. I still have vivid memories of my 6-year-old self performing in a gospel concert.”


Also, she revealed to Mokokchung Times that she released her debut album when she was just 8 years old. She stated, “I have seen God’s goodness in my life since I was a young child, and I want to put it into music.” She also said she has always wished to share the gospel via songs. “I consequently started writing my own songs,” she said, and added that her mother has always been her main source of inspiration and motivation.


Talking about her most recent album, “AINARO,” which was released on 29th November, 2022, she informed that she lost her father on May 30th, 2022, and it was difficult for her and her family to get through the difficult time. She said, “AINARO,” which symbolizes short life, is an album recorded in memory of her beloved father. Chubatsür also mentioned that through the album she wanted to convey to all listeners that life on earth is fleeting and evanescent and that we must live a life worthy of and acceptable to God.
Meyutsüngbar Salang, Tsükimen and Ainaro are the three albums that Chubatsür has so far released.


When asked about the toughest part of being a musician, she said that things have been progressively changing nowadays. During her time growing up, she stated that she was frequently reminded that singing would never be a living-wage profession. She went on to enumerate the challenges she faced because there was no legitimate music industry, music institution, recording studio, platform, and more. She claimed that despite these difficulties, she never stopped singing.



Inspiring words from Chubatsür for budding artists:

“Music is one of the most beautiful gifts from God. Therefore, we should thank God, value our gift, respect it, and use it for His glory. Having been reminded that not everyone is that fortunate to have been blessed with the gift of singing, every aspiring musician must go
on beating all odds.”



In response to a discussion regarding the distinctiveness of musicians, she said that as a musician, one should never forget that originality is specialty. “We should continually be reminded that perseverance and hard effort are the only paths to achievement,” she said.


She continued, “I pray and believe that my music will uphold the folk fusion tradition and also transmit the gospel to the hearts of all listeners.”


Meanwhile, when asked about the current music scene in Nagaland, she stated, “Entitled as the Land of Music, without a doubt, Nagaland loves music, and in the last ten years, we have come a long way.”


However, she stated that we are still lacking in many areas, such as the music industry, marketing channels, and so on. She stated that the music scene will continue to grow and that she hopes to see Naga musicians make a name for themselves and the community internationally and globally.


Speaking on a five-year outlook for her musical career, she expressed her desire to enroll in more vocal lessons, both theoretical and practical. She continued by stating that she enjoyed mentoring and teaching, and as such, she wanted to be certified and have the appropriate skills and knowledge.


In a prayerful statement, she added, “I plan to make music videos for every song from the album AINARO and continue to serve and support my husband in his church ministry.”

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