Impur, July 12 (MTNews): “Today, truth has become absolute for the harmony and safety of our society, so every ordained minister at any cost should humbly speak the truth, if peace should fill our society, and save our people from all destruction,” Rev Dr Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary of Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM) said. He said this while addressing the Ao ordained ministers prayer program organized by ABAM at Impur on July 11 & 12, 2022.


110 ordained ministers from 63 local churches attended the prayer program organized by ABAM on July 11 & 12, 2022 at Impur. (Photo: ABAM)

The Executive Secretary said, “We are analogous to the 70 elders of Israel found in the book of Numbers 11 who were chosen to listen to God and to share the burden with Moses for Israelites for the safety of the nation of Israel.” He added, “So, in such a decisive time, we should always be the ones bearing the good news, speaking about peace, and above all, the one who directs and leads our people to the heavenly kingdom.”


During the keynote address, Rev. L. Yapang Mollier, Secretary, Church & Mission, ABAM said, “While ABAM Sesquicentennial Celebration is at near sight, entreating for forgiveness, asking the blessings for the Nagas, and self-retrospection on God’s calling was felt very central. Therefore, ABAM organized this prayer program for the ordained Ministers.”


A press release from ABAM Impur said that, as a prayer program, most of the time was spent in prayers, and were all blessed. “The programme was truly a blessing for all,” it added.


It was also mentioned that ABAM to date had ordained 272, out of which 62 have been called to heavenly abode by God. Of the 210 Ordained Ministers that are alive, 110 from 63 local churches attended the program held on July 11 and 12.


“ABAM honored ten eldest ordained ministers present in the program with a staff for them to use in guiding the sheep in their remaining days of life,” it added.

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