In what can be termed as weird or mistaken identity emanating from Athing Nocte, Chairman, Arunachal Affair, NSCN/GPRN-K (Niki) PAN who issued “Calling Letter” to Abo Pungham dated 31-07-2023 but addressed as Mr. Abo Bolam, Longding District. Whereas the bona fide name as per his enrollment in NSCN is Abo Pungham, it is hereby requested that Athing Nocte should clarify who is this Abo Bolam whom you have issued Calling Letter.


For your enlightenment Abo Pungham is a bona fide member of NSCN as per his enrollment in the year 2009. Athing Nocte is further requested to clarify if the Calling Letter was addressed to the wrong person by mistake and thereby creating unnecessary confusion over the credentials of CAO Abo Pungham.


Clarification also be made if Abo Bolam and Abo Pungham is the same as per your office record. Athing Nocte is further informed that he is a total stranger to Abo Pungham.
Clarification is therefore demanded to do away with reckless carelessness that has the potential to create bad blood.


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