Mokokchung, 20 March (MTNews): The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) today expressed pain over the matter facing the Southern Angami Public Organization (SAPO) and Mao Council (MC) presently and appealed to both SAPO and MC to “tie the bond” of love and respect for each other.

The FNR said that it understands the “seemingly intractable dispute” between the two communities and conveyed its “critical solidarity.”

“The relativity of pros and cons heavily weighs human behaviors and decisions. But of all of God’s creation, only human beings have the capacity to be rational and reflective,” FNR said. “We can all dwell upon our past, examine our present, and project hopes for the future. FNR is of the opinion that the present painful, at the same time, hurtful moments can give us a chance to change,” it added.

“As a people of common belonging, we appeal to SAPO and MC at seizing the present disruption to muster practical creativity and the age-old communal energy to meet the challenges to “tie the bond” of love and respect for each other,” it appealed.

“This possibility in front of us carries with it the implicit responsibility to act immediately. Each community’s elders, leaders, and intellectuals and the Church must not take this responsibility lightly. Sometimes, in our culture, it may involve discomfort; nevertheless, we should not shy away from this responsibility, which is, our inescapable obligation to make sure tomorrow’s Nagas, our children, will inherit a legacy that will ensure their progress in unity,” FNR further said.

“Finally, who are we as a Christian community other than being the social reality of the “justification of the neighbor,” their embrace and acceptance as human beings. Knowing that “others’” also have mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons and children with innocent eyes and dreams our voice and actions for peace matters,” the FNR pleaded.

The task before us is to recognize that life together is possible through the gateway of the “justification of the neighbor,” it added.

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