Medziphema, January 28 (MTNews): Frolic Club celebrated its Silver Jubilee on January 28 at Local ground, Medziphema. Established in 1998, the Club strives for unity and equal opportunity under the theme “Achieve Greater Heights.”


Zhato Kimho, President, Chakhroma Public Organization


Zhato Kimho, President Chakhroma Public Organization graced the function as the special guest. Speaking on the occasion, he challenged the people of Medziphema to come out of tribalism and work toward the uplift of the area socially and economically. Citing the slow development of Medziphema, he challenged the people to be open-minded and encourage investment in infrastructure. He also encouraged the owner of the land to be welcoming and also do their part.


Rev Megovoto Kuotsu dedicated the Jubilee Souvenir and exhorted the gathering saying that Frolic has come this far because of unity and mutual respect for each other. He further added that this is an example that needs to be picked up by every SHG, Clubs, NGO etc in the land which is mostly being found divided.


Earlier in the program, Acü Seyie (Medziphema Village Council) and Akhoto Miasalhou (President, Medziphema Town Mechu Krotho) exhorted the club on its achievement.


Special Number was belted out by Vimeno Dolie, Neilhoukholie Kuotsu and Neitsolewe Koza. The program was blessed by Rev H Minlen.


Some of the highlights of the club activities are social services and welfare work in and around the community. The Club has also organized a Biennale Football Tournament since 2011 and also introduced a Volleyball Tournament in 2021.

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