About ten Kilometers away from Dimapur, in the village of Khatkhati, Bokajan, Assam, lies the distilling unit of North-East India’s best-selling whiskey, Castle Hill’s Dark Knight, crafted by Radiant Manufacturers. Sreetama Basu, in his article, “Dark Knight whiskey: Tracing the origins of this brand from North-East India” for Lifestyle Asia, writes that the origins of this iconic brand, traces its roots back to the 1960s when Dani Chand, the present chairman, laid the foundation with a modest liquor retail shop in Kohima, Nagaland.

dark knight whiskey
(Photo: Facebook / Castle Hill Dark Knight )

Decades later, what began as a humble endeavor has evolved into a pioneering force in the alcobev industry of North-East India, with warehouses and manufacturing units spanning Assam, West Bengal, Bhutan, and Nepal, as Basu writes.

Dani Chand’s vision for consistency and excellence led to the establishment of their own distillery, with the support of his son, Vicky Chand, marking a significant milestone in their quest for perfection.

The craftsmanship behind Dark Knight Whiskey is a testament to tradition and quality. Utilizing corn from North-East India, purified with water from the Dhansiri river, then filtered through bamboo charcoal, and aged in newly charred oakwood casks, the whiskey pays homage to the American bourbon tradition.

In 2013, the distillery introduced Castle Hill Rare Reserve Whisky, a blend of fresh spirits produced on-site and scotch malts from Scotland. Subsequently, they unveiled Castle Hill Dark Knight 2-year and Castle Hill Dark Knight 4-year editions in 2019 and 2021, respectively, after maturing their grain spirits made from corn and broken rice.

In the backdrop of the rural wilderness of Khatkhati, the Dark Knight distillery. (Photo: Facebook / Castle Hill Dark Knight)
In the backdrop of the rural wilderness of Khatkhati, the Dark Knight distillery. (Photo: Facebook / Castle Hill Dark Knight)

Basu describes Dark Knight Whiskey’s distinctive production method: it undergoes initial filtration through bamboo charcoal before being aged in freshly charred oakwood casks. This process imbues the whiskey with its characteristic kick and premium quality. A true delight for whiskey enthusiasts, a sip of the Dark Knight 4-year-old reveals a smooth, buttery texture on the palate, complemented by subtle hints of spices lingering in its aftertaste.

Beyond Dark Knight, Radiant Manufacturers boast a diverse portfolio, featuring exquisite blends such as Lost Treasure Coffee Rum, Vinho Porto Wines, and White Magic Tango Gin & Orange.

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