In the realm of motivation and inspiration, the phrase “Get used to winning” takes on profound significance when we consider the remarkable achievements of Nagaland’s youth in recent times. It embodies the spirit of perseverance, determination, and the unwavering belief that success is not just a possibility, but an expectation. As we witness the rise of Nagaland on the national stage, it is evident that the state is nurturing talents that can compete with the best.

One striking example of this spirit was witnessed at the 15th Edition of the India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) held in Hyderabad. ReDimension Games, a Nagaland-based gaming company, clinched the prestigious “Best Upcoming Game” award. The IGDC is India’s most significant event in the gaming sector, and this achievement highlights the burgeoning potential within Nagaland’s gaming industry. It is a testament to the creative prowess of the state’s youth and their ability to excel in an ever-evolving field.

Equally remarkable is the performance of Nagaland’s athletes at the ongoing National Games in Goa. Nagaland has clinched five medals, including a coveted Gold Medal, marking a historic achievement. This extraordinary feat is a testament to the state’s sporting talent and resilience. It illustrates that with the right support and infrastructure, Nagaland’s youth can not only compete but also emerge victorious on a national stage.

The National Games, which brings together athletes from 28 states, eight Union Territories, and the Services Sports Control Board, is a true celebration of India’s sporting diversity. Nagaland’s Chief Minister has expressed the state’s aspiration to host the National Games in the future, a goal that is worthy of our collective support. Despite any challenges or imperfections, this ambition carries immense value.

The importance of games and sports cannot be understated. They not only foster physical well-being but also instill values of discipline, teamwork, and resilience. Furthermore, they provide a platform for the youth to showcase their talents, proving that they are capable of achieving greatness. Nagaland’s recent achievements in both the gaming industry and the National Games serve as a testament to the immense potential that resides within the state’s youth.

These accomplishments are a clarion call for the development of the right ecosystem that will empower and nurture this talent. It is incumbent upon the government, institutions, and society at large to provide the necessary support and resources to harness the incredible potential that Nagaland holds.

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