Mokokchung, 20 December (MTNews): The Global Naga Forum (GNF) has issued a resounding condemnation following the ruthless killing of former Arunachal Pradesh MLA Yumsen Matey in the Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh on December 16, 2023. “He was a dedicated public servant and community leader,” the GNF said in a statement, adding that the saddest part was, “some Nagas have become active participants and soldiers in the execution of the evil design.”

Expressing deep concern, the GNF noted the lack of defensible reasons for Nagas resorting to such violence against one another. “The Tirap, Changlang, and Longding (TCL) area, where Yumsen Matey served his people, has had a disproportionate share of resistance-related fatalities and remains a battleground where various forces manipulate internal grievances for their nefarious interests,” it added.

The GNF observed that the Nagas are living at a “critical time” in history and urged the need for all Nagas in every state and region of the ancestral homeland to be aware of the games being played by different agencies seeking to undermine the Naga cause.

“We must recognize the importance of unity and resilience against these calculated attempts to fracture and fragment our peoplehood. We urge Naga communities to stay vigilant, promote dialogue, and strengthen the bonds that have sustained our collective aspiration for self-determination since 1929,” the GNF added.

The Global Naga Forum further appealed for justice for Yumsen Matey and his family and conveyed sincere condolences to the bereaved family members.

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