Good roads are the arteries of development, and their significance cannot be overstated, particularly in places like Mokokchung where roadways are the only means of transportation.

Mokokchung is strategically located to stand out as a hub of cultural heritage and economic activity. However, the potential for progress is hindered by inadequate or inferior road infrastructure.

Everybody knows that well-maintained roads are essential for connectivity, commerce, and overall quality of life. Efficient transportation stimulates trade and fosters economic growth. Accessible roads enable timely access to healthcare, education, and emergency services, ensuring the well-being of the community.

Yet, look at the deplorable condition of our roads.

In Mokokchung town, the condition of our roads stands as a critical barometer of progress and development. To gauge the situation, taking a ride from Rotary Junction to the Indian Oil intersection would give you an idea of how we are faring.

Smooth, well-maintained roads aren’t merely a convenience but also reflect the commitment of authorities to prioritize the welfare of residents .

It’s time to prioritize the construction and maintenance of good roads in Mokokchung town for the benefit of its residents and the prosperity of the district as a whole.

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