The Jubilee Memorial College (JMC) Mokokchung held a student induction program for the 1st semester students on July 5 at JMC Hall, under the theme “Grooming to Bloom: Vision of Success,” with Akangtemsu Yaden, Youth Evangelist, MTBA, as the resource person.

Dr Imtiwati Jamir, Principal of JMC and Akangtemsu Yaden

Dr Imtiwati Jamir, Principal of JMC, delivered the welcome and keynote address. He highlighted key aspects of the New Education Policy 2020, the internal examination system at the college, the progression to higher semesters, and JMC’s commitment to creating a paperless environment. Jamir emphasized the use of technology for disseminating information via electronic mail and the college’s official website, along with the implementation of an online student satisfaction survey.

Jamir also introduced the “Welfare Fund Program,” which provides limited financial assistance to students facing economic difficulties, and the “Earn While You Learn” program, where students can voluntarily sweep classrooms after classes in exchange for a small payment.

Additionally, he highlighted the facilities offered by the college, including sports and games, various clubs, professional skilling courses that provide certification, and a library with free printing services to which he urges the students to take full advantage of these resources.

In his address, Jamir encouraged students to make their four years at the college productive. He urged them to take responsibility for their education, referring to them as adults, and to seriously consider their reasons for joining the college, with a clear vision of where they want to be after the four years in college. Jamir discouraged the notion of attending college solely for a degree. Instead, he emphasized the importance of studying hard and developing verbal and writing skills through co-curricular activities, which will help them convey the maximum information with minimal effort in the future.

Akangtemsu Yaden, speaking at the program, congratulated the 1st-semester students and urged them to have a vision and ambition in life. He emphasized the importance of passion for success and a clear aim for what they want to achieve. Yaden asked the students how they define success and encouraged them to have a broader perspective on what success means in their lives. He stated, “When success is self-centred, it does not serve any purpose,” and stated that success should benefit society, not just the individual.

He highlighted the importance of grooming by living an organized life, being faithful in small things, and building trust with those around you, which can lead to greater responsibilities. Yaden also stressed the need for time management, maintaining good health, and adopting a positive attitude, noting that younger people often have unhealthy lifestyles.

Further in his speech, he encouraged the students to be brave and bold, emphasizing the potential within each individual. He stated that their generation has the power to bring about societal change and urged the students to carry the hopes of their families, villages, and churches, and to embrace their responsibilities, highlighting that by grooming themselves, they could uplift their entire support system. He concluded by wishing the students a successful life filled with purpose and humility.

Earlier, the program was hosted by Molongnenla Pongen, Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of History. The code of conduct was carried out by A Ajungla Jamir, Convenor of Discipline. Skills and add-on courses were highlighted by the skill coordinators, and “JMC at a Glance” was delivered by Moamongla Imchen, BA 5th Semester, General Secretary of the Students Council. “My Experience” was shared by Nochetlong, BA 5th Semester.

The program also included a special song from Yimkumla Gomei, BA 6th Semester, and a duet from Lipoklem and Akumienla, BA 5th Semester.


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