The Governor of Nagaland, La Ganesan, extended a heartfelt message of camaraderie and well wishes to the people of Nagaland on the eve of the 77th Independence Day.


(Photo: Raj Bhavan, Kohima)


In his address from his office chamber at Raj Bhavan Kohima, Governor La Ganesan reflected on the significance of the day, stating that it symbolizes dedication and remembrance of the struggles endured against foreign rule.


He underlined the poignant importance of this day in history, as it marks the moment when the National Flag was first unfurled, symbolizing the birth of a free and independent nation.


Nagaland’s resilience also took center stage in the Governor’s speech, as he proudly mentioned how the state valiantly resisted the formidable British forces. He highlighted two pivotal battles – the Battle of Khonoma and the Battle of Kikruma – both etched as fierce and pivotal confrontations against the British in the context of North East India’s history.


He also shared his pride in India’s economic progress, noting that India stands as the fifth-largest economy globally after 76 years of independence, with an optimistic projection of becoming the third-largest by 2031.


Recalling Nagaland’s journey since 1947, the Governor acknowledged the region’s initial turbulence, which impeded its developmental pace. However, he stressed that recent decades have ushered in relative peace, enabling the state’s economic advancement.


Underlining the importance of investing in human resources, the Governor advocated for a strong healthcare and educational sector. He anticipated the forthcoming medical college to bolster the healthcare domain and called for the establishment of technical universities and research institutes to empower the youth.


Modern connectivity infrastructure also featured in his address, with the Governor expressing delight over the ongoing road construction projects in the state. He highlighted the recent foundation stone laying ceremony for the redevelopment of Dimapur Railway Station under the Amrit Bharat Scheme, which is anticipated to significantly enhance tourism and infrastructure.


The Governor acknowledged the state’s success in showcasing culture and promoting Nagaland to the world. However, he underlined that peace is fundamental for progress and prosperity. He urged Nagaland’s citizens to safeguard the hard-earned peace and to remain committed to the ongoing development process.


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