On September 29, 2023, the 4th Brillante Piano Festival’s main event kicked off at the Capital Cultural Hall in Kohima, featuring world-class musicians whose concerts undoubtedly mesmerized the audience. This captivating spectacle promises to enthrall audiences until 1 October 2023.


piano festival


“Brillante Piano Festival happening in Kohima. Was telling my wife that during Delhi days we went to India Habitat Center or such places to catch international acts play, but these days people in Nagaland are so fortunate to have such festivals to expose them to all kinds of music,” said Sashi Wapang, a public servant and fan of the event.


Earlier, as a prelude to the main event, street performance by a diverse array of artists spanning from pianist to dancers to beatboxers to singers set the tone for the festival. Now in its fourth iteration, the Brillante Piano Festival stands as a remarkable celebration of music, harmoniously bringing together talents from the local, national, and international landscapes.


This festival seamlessly blends exquisite piano performances, artistic expressions, and groundbreaking innovations. It provides a distinctive platform for music enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of musical genres, featuring multifaceted performances, educational opportunities, competitions, and engaging interactive sessions—all within the confines of a single venue.


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