On a musical evening on August 18th, friends, family, and music enthusiasts converged to remember the life of Late Imonendang Jamir. This young and talented musician, who passed away at the tender age of 28 in October of last year, had left an indelible mark on the community with his music. The tribute concert was organized under the aegis of ‘Achu Nükcharlong’ and orchestrated by his former band ‘Trans Ebullient.’



Imonendang Jamir, a rising star in the local music scene and a beloved friend to numerous individuals, was known for his ability to captivate souls through his talent. A skilled guitarist and promising musician, he held a special place among the youth of Yimyu Ward and the larger Mokokchung community.



The concert was not merely a performance; it was a heartfelt dedication to a soul that continues to reside in the hearts of those who cherished him, said the host of the program.


Imonendang Jamir
Trans Ebullient


The tribute concert was a grand orchestration of love and admiration. Trans Ebullient, the band for which Jamir had been a guitarist, took center stage, performing with both heart and skill, invoking memories of the times they had shared.



The concert also featured a diverse line-up of artists and bands including Imkum Ozüküm, Dynamic Cardioid, Revelation, Lucid 805, Brothers, and a special guest, Zulu Jamir from Kohima. The night reached its emotional peak as Trans Ebullient, once again united on stage, gave their all to pay tribute to their departed band mate.


Imonendang Jamir’s guitar


Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Among Kichu, the convenor of the organizing committee, ‘Achu Nükcharlong’, shared his insights with Mokokchung Times.



‘Achu Nükcharlong’, which loosely translates to “music lovers,” envisioned that the younger generation would carry forth the legacy of their fallen brother. Kichu emphasized how Imonendang’s life was suddenly cut short during the prime of his youth, yet his impact on those around him was immense. Through his musical talent, he brought joy and inspiration, leaving an example that the youth can aspire to follow. The concert, in its essence, sought to honor the memory of the departed soul and to inspire the younger generation to emulate his kindness and goodwill, Kichu said.


tribute concert
Zulu Jamir



The Special Guest, Zulu Jamir, who performed an original composition titled “Civilization of Peace and Freedom Has Come,” conveyed a profound message. He explained that his intention was to advocate for a society united in the pursuit of peace and freedom.



As the melodies faded and the echoes of the performances lingered, it was evident that the tribute concert had achieved its purpose – to celebrate a life well-lived.



The concert showed how music can make people feel better, help them remember, and be motivated. It ensured that Late Imonendang Jamir’s memory will stay alive in the hearts of those he left behind.

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