‘He is Still on Time’ – Book in honor and legacy of Dr Atula Ao released

Mangmetong, 14 May (MTNews): On Sunday, a book titled “He is still on time” was launched by Prof Rev Dr Mar Pongener, ABAM Executive Secretary, at the Mangmetong Baptist Church. The book features writings on Old Testament, feminist and tribal theology and was compiled, edited and completed by Dr Samuel George, in honor and as a legacy to his late wife, Dr Atula Ao.


Prof Rev Dr Mar Pongener, ABAM Executive Secretary, releasing the book ‘He is Still on Time’ at the Mangmetong Baptist Church, 14 May.


Late Dr Atula Ao, who was one of the few with doctorates in the Old Testament, had been working on the book before she passed away in 2021. She and her husband, Dr Samuel George, both serve as professors at the Allahabad Bible Seminary (ABS). The launch of the book in Mangmetong village is particularly significant as it is the native village of the late author.


The book launch was attended by the pastor of Mangmetong Baptist Church, Mr Lolen.


“He is still on time” is expected to be a valuable addition to the literature on theology and is a testament to the late author’s dedication and passion for the subject.

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