Dimapur, 10 October (MTNews): Mission Director, National Health Mission (NHM), Dr Ritu Thur shed light on the root causes of diseases like Dengue during a conversation with local media today. Dr Thur emphasized that the trigger for diseases like Dengue can be attributed to unplanned urbanization, inadequate sanitation infrastructure, and poor management of water sewage systems.

He underscored that as long as stagnant water persists in urban areas, mosquitoes will continue to breed, perpetuating the Dengue cycle.

Dr Thur went on to discuss the alarming spread of Dengue, which initially emerged as an indigenous problem in Dimapur and Mon. He pointed out that Dengue has now proliferated across the region, necessitating urgent attention. To combat this growing health crisis, Dr Thur revealed that funds have been disbursed to all districts depending upon the surge, and proactive programs have been implemented in areas witnessing a surge in Dengue cases.

Addressing the rising instances of fever and rashes in the region, Dr Thur suggested a potential link to measles. He informed the public that health authorities have taken up a measles campaign to address this concern, further emphasizing the importance of immunization and public awareness in tackling preventable diseases.

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