Kohima, 5 June (MTNews): The Highland Institute in Kohima organized a special event on World Environment Day 2023 to remind school children about their responsibility towards the environment and to raise awareness about the pressing issue of plastic pollution. The institute invited students from various schools in Kohima to participate in activities aimed at promoting environmental conservation and sustainability.



Highland Institute staff with students from various schools of Kohima.



Green entrepreneur Rokobikho Savino, a professor-turned-farmer, highlighted the significant environmental challenges faced by our society and emphasized that everyone has a role to play in creating a more sustainable world and encouraged the children to take action.


With the assistance of Highland Institute staff, the school children engaged in a series of green-themed activities designed to educate and inspire. These activities included recycling initiatives, paper-bag making, art challenges, quizzes, and games. As part of the event, the students were also treated to a short film titled ‘Think Before You Throw,’ which was produced by The Highland Institute team specifically for this occasion.


Catriona Child, the Acting Director of The Highland Institute, stating that there is a lot of “doom and gloom”, expressed her desire to convey important messages about environmental protection in a manner that would be both memorable and enjoyable for the children.


Roko Savino, who served as the resource person for the event, expressed his satisfaction with the day’s proceedings. He firmly believes that educating the younger generation about environmental responsibility is crucial in building a cleaner and safer world.
The day was celebrated under the theme, “Beat Plastic Pollution”.


The Highland Institute is an independent research centre focusing on socio-political, cultural, historical, environmental and developmental issues affecting communities in highland Asia. Founded in 2013, and registered as a trust, the institute collaborates with research centres in India and abroad in research, analysis, and disseminating findings.

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