As received from the Ministry of Road and Transport & Highways, Government of India, compensation to victims of Hit and Run victims are provided the following compensation amounts under the Hit and Run Motor Accident Scheme 2022: Rs 2,00,000 in case of death of any person resulting from hit and run motor accident, and Rs 50,000 in case of grievous hurt to any person resulting from hit and run motor accident.


The Victims of Hit and Run Motor Accidents Scheme provides for settlement of claims in a time-bound manner. The Claims Enquiry Officer is required to convey his/her decision within one month of receipt of claim, after which the Claims Settlement Officer is provided with 15 days to sanction the claims and forward the sanction order to General Insurance (GI) Council with intimation to the concerned Motor Accident Claim Tribunal and Transport Commissioner. Subsequently, the transfer of compensation amount to the claimant is to be processed within a period of 15 days by GI Council.


Further, a District Level Committee in each district shall conduct meetings on a quarterly basis to undertake the following functions related to the implementation of the Scheme:

1. To evaluate the progress of implementation of this scheme in the concerned District and take corrective steps, wherever necessary;

2. To submit a report on quarterly basis to the Standing Committee, include in electronic form and the report shall, inter alia, include month-wise statistics about the claim applications received, awarded, pending and reasons for pendency

3. To keep close liaison with other authorities in the district so as to ensure that this scheme gets adequate publicity;

4. To provide guidance or clarification to concerned authorities and claimants, wherever called for; and

5. To raise awareness about the rights available to claimants and the provision of compensation under this scheme.


The District Level committee shall be comprised of Deputy Commissioner/Claim Settlement commissioner, Claim Enquiry Officer/Sub-divisional Officer, Tehsildar, nominated by the State Government, Superintendent of Police or Deputy Superintendent of police of the District, Chief Medical officer, Regional Transport Officer or any other officer of Motor Vehicles department as nominated by the Government, Any member of the public or a voluntary organization connected with road safety aspects as nominated by the chairperson and an officer nominated by the General Insurance Council.


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