The rally for the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) consensus candidate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Dr Chumben Murry, held today in Mokokchung was chaired by Metsubo Jamir, Minister of Rural Development & SIRD.


Addressing the crowd, Minister Jamir reassured, “Do not worry. The vote for Mokokchung will surely be there,” highlighting the legacy of NDPP’s success in Mokokchung since its formation in 2017.

NPP legislator Nuklutoshi called it “historic,” stating that Nagaland, for the first time, has sent a consensus candidate backed by 60 MLAs to the Lok Sabha election. He highlighted that the ten elected representatives from Mokokchung have been in talks with CM Rio for the “betterment of Mokokchung District.”

“Our CM loves Mokokchung people,” he declared, highlighting various developments such as “efforts to upgrade the Tuli train station, foothill road, Changki road, and the Hydroproject along the Yaongyimsen-Longsa-Ungma Dikhu river.”

MLA Nuklutoshi also claimed that the Modi-led government will win in India and said they are supporting the BJP-led government to be “close with the Centre.”

Representing BJP, Advisor Imkong L Imchen said they are expecting to have a “good result”. He further added that according to one’s assessment, under the “benevolent character of Rio,” Dr Murry will have a “fair result from this district.”

Imchen also urged the Ao Senden to create opportunities for the ten elected members of the district to come together to address the issues of the district.

Minister Temjen Imna Along, who failed to show up at the rally, sent a written message to the gathering showing his support for Dr Murry.

Advisors Tongpang Ozukum, TN Mannen, Pangjung Jamir, and Imkongmar were also present at the rally.

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