ILP checking to be conducted in Dimapur

Dimapur, 19 April (MTNews): The Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, Sachin Jaiswal IAS informed today that Inner Line Permit (ILP) checking for non-indigenous people will be conducted in the district, following reports from various stakeholders of the presence of non-indigenous persons in Dimapur district without ILPs.


The DC informed in a notification that a Joint Task Force of the District Administration and Police will be responsible to conduct regular ILP checking and maintain vigil for the strict implementation of the Inner Line Permit.


“Every non-indigenous person entering area of Dimapur District should possess Inner Line Permit (ILP), unless a person is passing through the District of Dimapur to other states as transit passenger and is having valid ticket should possess the Inner Line Permit (ILP),” the DC informed.


He further stated that every non-indigenous person settled or who has entered the area of Dimapur district after November 21, 1979 and who have not yet obtained the ILP is compulsorily required to procure ILP from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur within 30 days from issue of this notification, failing which penal action as per the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873 (BEFR Act) will be initiated.

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