Kohima, 1 May (MTNews): Imkong L Imchen, the Advisor for Information & Public Relations and Soil & Water Conservation, criticized the Nagaland State BJP’s directive to its party workers to clean church compounds within their respective mandals or booths, labeling it as a misguided decision. As a five-time legislator and senior politician in Nagaland, Imchen, who joined the BJP just before the 2023 Nagaland state assembly elections and was elected from the 28 Koridang AC under Mokokchung district, shared his views during the Moatsü festival celebration in Kohima.

imkong l imchen kohima moatsu

Imchen argued that a political party should not unilaterally decide to undertake such activities without prior consultation or consent. He cautioned that cleaning someone else’s property without consent could lead to legal ramifications. Imchen also expressed disappointment that despite the BJP’s support for the NDPP candidate in Nagaland’s lone parliamentary seat during the recent parliamentary elections, the party faced significant criticism from the Christian community. He emphasized that entering a church without permission undermines its sanctity, and political parties, irrespective of their leadership, should refrain from such actions.

Emphasizing the importance of mutual respect for institutions, Imchen stressed that the BJP, as a political party, should prioritize respect and consent, especially when seeking votes and support.

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On the upcoming Urban Local Body (ULBs) elections scheduled for 26 June, particularly in the Ao Senden area under the New Nagaland Municipal Act, which includes 33 percent women reservation, Imchen expressed confidence that the elections would proceed as planned.

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