The NDPP (Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party) is making significant strides towards securing a majority in the upcoming Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC) elections, with early results indicating a strong position. Out of the 18 wards under Mokokchung municipality, four NDPP candidates have already been declared uncontested presumptive winners, paving the way for a potential majority in the council.

Under the Nagaland Municipal Act 2023, the Municipal Council will elect its chairperson from among its members. The election must occur within six months of the notification of member elections by the state election commission.

NDPP Candidates Maongtula (Alempang Ward), Imtiyapang (Aongza Ward), Imkongchuba (Dilong Ward), and Walunila (Penli Ward) have secured uncontested victories, highlighting the NDPP’s effective electoral maneuvering and growing influence within the council.

The NDPP needs only six more seats to secure a commanding majority of ten, essential for clinching the MMC chairpersonship. This strategic advantage positions the NDPP ahead of competitors such as the Congress party and independent candidates.

The Congress party is fielding six candidates – Bendangchuba (Alongmen); Yongkongsangla R (Artang); Bendangienla O (Majakong); I Temsu Jamir (Sangtemla); T Nungshitemjen Jamir (Yimyu ward); Rongsenlemla Jamir (Marepkong).

Meanwhile, there are ten independent candidates – Imtimeren (Lijaba Lijen); Alemyanger (Mongsenbai); Sangyumongba Ao (Yimyu); Merentemsu (Tongdentsuyong); Mulungchet (Independent); Alemtuba (Sangtemla); N Imtimenla Ao (Sungkomen); Tsukjemwati (Kichutip); Arenmongla (Kumlong Ward), and Aongsen Aier (Arkong).

The NDPP’s approach to consolidating support across Mokokchung’s wards appears to be yielding favorable results, solidifying its frontrunner status in the MMC chairpersonship race.

Mokokchung Times

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