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Jalukie, 4 February (MTNews): Can Youth organized an awareness and advocacy program on “Right to Education, Right to Health (Drug Abuse, Mental Health & Menstrual Hygiene), Skill Building, and Leadership.” This event was followed by the formation of an Adolescent Girls Club under its ‘Development4Adolescent’ project, supported by Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies (RNP) on 4 February 2024 at Mhainamtsi village in Jalukie, Peren district.

can youth jalukie
In the first hour of the program, Jenpu Rongmei, Founder, and Chief Functionary of Can Youth, appreciated the Rongmei Community of Mhainamtsi village for providing the opportunity and shared information about the thematic areas of Can Youth. He emphasized why proper guidance is important during the adolescent stage. A short meeting with village leaders was also held, and a Child/Adolescent Support Committee (CASC) was formed to play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and safety of children and adolescents. The committee is intended to address and prevent issues related to child and adolescent development.

Mary Konyak, Project Coordinator of Can Youth, conducted a session with the adolescent girls. During the session, she encouraged them to learn about the menstrual cycle, mental health, and their importance for overall health. She further explained the formation and guidelines for the Adolescent Girls Club, along with various activities related to leadership, menstrual hygiene, mental health, Right to Education, and substance abuse. Brainstorming workshops, Adolescent fest, and Adolescent Retreats will be conducted once the club is formed.

After the awareness and advocacy program under the supervision of Can Youth, two adolescent groups were formed. Can Youth is also looking forward to initiating more adolescent clubs in other communities, covering additional villages in Peren district. Currently, Can Youth has more than 10 Adolescent Clubs in Dimapur and Dhansiripar, Chumoukedima District.

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