Kohima, 8 August (MTNews): Kevilebo Zhotso, along with two other riders – Rakesh and Anisha, hailing from India and Nepal, has come together for the Ladakh Biking Trip. They will ride on the highest plateau of India, Ladakh.


Kevilebo Zhotso
Kevilebo Zhotso


The expedition, codenamed “Ladakh Expedition,” is expected to start on 9 August, 2023, from Manali to Ladakh, and then ride back to Manali. It will cover a distance of over 1800 kilometers over a period of 25 days, reaching an altitude of over 5600 meters above sea level.


Zhotso, from the Jakhama village in Kohima district, has been involved in professional cycling for over 12 years. He has participated in a few races, covering stretches of over 1000 kilometers. He is also a pioneer in the Nagaland Cycling Association, promoting the sport in the state.


Explaining the necessity of this trip, N. Samuel Yalie from the Nagaland Cycling Association stated that over the last few years, there has been substantial growth in the Mountain Biking (MTB) cycling community in India. However, the opportunity to make a career out of cycling is very limited.


“Cyclists are very passionate about it from a sports point of view, but not everyone can win races. As a community, we need to help these cyclists turn their passion into a career. This ride aims to promote Cycling Tours and also promote MTB biking races,” it said.


Kevilebo also coached the Nagaland Cycling Team in the last concluded 2022 North East Olympics held in Shillong. The Nagaland Cycling Association, along with the Nagaland Mountain Biking Community, has extended their best wishes to Kevilebo Zhotso and his team for the tour.

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