The 44th General Conference of the Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang was held on 23 April at Yaongyimti Village, Mokokchung, marking a significant gathering of community leaders and stakeholders. Distinguished by the presence of notable figures such as Tongpang Ozukum, MLA and Advisor for Water Resources, Government of Nagaland, A Pangjung Jamir, MLA and Advisor for Fishery and Aquatic Resources, Government of Nagaland, and keynote speaker I Meyionen Jamir, Chief Information Commissioner, Government of Nagaland, the conference provided a platform for insightful discourse and strategic planning aimed at fostering unity and progress of Langpangkong Tzükong.

The 44th General Conference of the Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang was held on 23 April at Yaongyimti Village, Mokokchung


Speaking at the program, Tongpang Ozukum expressed that the Langpangkong range is unique compared to the rest of the ranges, as it consists of three tribes: Ao, Phom, and Chang. He urged the people to learn the Phom and Chang languages since they are well accustomed to the Ao language. He further added that Langpangkong is a perfect example of the term ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Guests and officials of LTM after unveiling the 44th general conference monolith

Ozukum extended his concern towards the Chang community living in the border areas, stating with assurance that he will never abandon the community, and insisted that people of all three tribes should be united and help each other. He emphasized on the development brought to the land, such as road construction and micro small-scale industries such as a bioplastic factory, food processing unit, tea factory, plywood factory, and mineral water plant, stating that it is a blessing from God.

tongpang ozukum
Tongpang Ozukum

Advisor A Pangjung Jamir spoke about the relationship between the three tribes, which is far more than just family, friends, and neighbors; it has been carried on for generations. He mentioned the lack of engineering colleges, universities, and colleges, as well as the lack of good hospitals in the Langpangkong range, insisting on the need for better institutions, development, and industries. He further lauded the efforts of the Tuli Development Committee and Business Association of Nagaland for their efforts in bringing the railway station to Tuli. Jamir encouraged the people to work together, stating that it is not just the work and burden of the political leaders, but it includes all members of the Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang and the people of the range.

A Pangjung Jamir
A Pangjung Jamir

The main speaker of the conference, I Meyionen Jamir, spoke on the topic ‘Sümedem’, which means ‘to level out even and equal’. Emphasizing on the words, he encouraged the people to understand each other and work together to make Langpangkong a better place. He quoted the words of Franklin D Roosevelt, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubt of today,” and stated some elements which may cause the deterioration of society, such as unwillingness to take risks, short-term benefits, selfishness, greed, unwillingness to prepare and plan, and not learning from past mistakes.

I Meyionen Jamir

He further encouraged the people to refrain from such elements for the progress of society. In his speech, Meyionen suggested two agendas. Firstly, he mentioned the Dikhu Hydro Electric Project which covers 9.75% of three villages Changtongya, Yaongyimsen, and Merangkong, urging the LTM and the neighboring two villages to act as a pressure group in obtaining clearance for the project. Secondly, he added Tuli College, insisting that the LTM should form a committee to find ways for the college to be handled by the government. He concluded his speech by encouraging the people to put aside petty differences and continuously work for the good of society.

The general conference also nominated the new office bearers of Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang for the tenure 2024-2027.

Longpangkong new team
The newly inducted team of Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang office bearers

The new team will be led by N Watitoshi (Wameken) as President, Limasangwa (Unger) as Vice-President, R Nukshi Longkumer (Yaongyimsen) as General secretary, Moatoshi (Akhoya) as Assistant General Secretary, and Rongsenshilu (Unger) as Finance Secretary, with S Temsu Pongen (Chuchuyimlang) as Treasurer.

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