Longjang, 20 December (MTNews): Sentinungsang and his team, Gilgal, dominated the Mongsen Ait Marok Football Trophy in Longjang, Mokokchung, culminating in a resounding 3-0 victory over Yimsen Youth Club-A (YYCA) in the final match.

Longjang football
Gilgal’s attack roared from the start of the final, with Sentinungsang, the unstoppable center forward, tearing through the YYCA defense effortlessly and netting a stunning hat-trick within the first 20 minutes. His goals in the 2nd, 12th, and 20th minutes set the tone for a dominant performance.

YYCA, the crowd favorites, mounted a valiant effort in the second half. However, the Gilgal defense, anchored by their impressive goalkeeper, held firm, denying YYCA any opportunity to find the net.

Beyond the championship, individual accolades were awarded for outstanding performances throughout the tournament. Longkhoi (LYA) claimed the highest goal scorer title, Ayenmongba (Gilgal) was named player of the tournament, Ngou (LYA) received the best defender award, and Homuka (Gilgal) was recognized as the best keeper. Impangtsung (YYC-B) was further honored as the most promising player.

Chutensangba, President of the Mokokchung District Village Development Board Association, graced the closing ceremony as the special guest. He urged the players to push their limits and strive for excellence, reminding them that dedication, similar to that displayed by stars in various fields, is a valuable asset to cultivate. He emphasized that winning is not the ultimate goal, and that defeats can be stepping stones to future victories.

Chutensangba also commended the Mongsen Ait Club for their successful organization of the tournament, providing a platform for young players to showcase their talents.

Bendangyanger, Sports Secretary of MAC, concluded the ceremony with a heartfelt vote of thanks to the club’s pioneers, whose vision has nurtured the Mongsen Ait Marok Football Trophy into a platform for aspiring footballers.

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