Wokha, 17 February (MTNews): Lotha Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have decided to extend the suspension period of the bandh on National Highway 2 (NH-2) following the arrival of 14 workers from the contractor firm M/S TTC Infra India at the worksite through Wokha town. The decision comes with the anticipation that the contractor will resume the abandoned works at an early date on NH-2 from 72.4 km to 83.00 km.

The CSOs have resolved “conditionally” to extend the suspension period, contingent upon the resumption of work by the contractor. They asserted that with the support of the entire Lotha community, the demolition of the majority of compensated/paid structures along the stretch of the said National Highway has been completed. Consequently, they expect the contractor and National Highways authorities to resume work, thus justifying the suspension of the Bandh.

Additionally, the CSOs emphasized their commitment to cooperating with and safeguarding the workers of the contractor. They warned that any harassment of the workers will result in action by the CSOs.

The Lotha organizations also urged all concerned parties to extend their support to the CSOs, government authorities, and the contractor to ensure the implementation of the work as per specifications. They called on National Highways supervisory officials to be present at the worksite round the clock, unlike in the past, to avoid necessitating involvement by the CSOs.

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